ISPCONFIG XMPP change Metronome to Prosody

Hi Folks, after fighting some round with Metronome, I get the point that Metronome is not the best way to handle an XMPP Server for ISPCONFIG. After some searches and modifications I had a small script, that would change your ISPCONFIG Server from Metronome to Prosody. !!! ATTENTION USE IT AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!! !!! Read more about ISPCONFIG XMPP change Metronome to Prosody[…]

is my Passwords pwned ???

Hi folks,   in the last days I have several issues with passwords, so I needed a small bash script for checking a STRING (password) if this is secure or not, or with other hands, was the password powned in the past and shoud not be used anymore. For that reason I wrote a small Read more about is my Passwords pwned ???[…]