Synology Photostation with non default ports and no Quick Connect

Hi Folks,

the main problem is that the Photostation could only be reached by Port 80/443, that means you can only reach it with the following setting
but not with

I thought this could be easily chnge by settings up different Port in the Photostation, but then I always get error 403.
So what is needed to get your Photostation online, with custom Port and without QuickConnect.

First of all you need to setup your custom Port in your Photostation:

Then of course you need to forward your Port from the router to the Synology NAS.
But then the Photostation is still not viewable from outside the world. So we have to do 1 Step to get it up and running and a 2nd step to bring up the correct letsencrypt cert for this.

In the DSM go to Control Panel => Application Portal => Reverse Proxy
her you can setup your custom Port to be match to the IP of your NAS.

in addition to get your Letsencrypt up and running you need to copy and/or move the actual certs into


PS: I have a script to update all needed points with the actual letsencrypt cert

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