Change Color of Menu Bar in Business Central 356 ONPREM Version 22

Hi Folks,

as I was searching around the web and I found this Tutorial here:

Change the Color of the environment D365 BC On Premise – Dynamics 365 Business Central Forum Community Forum

I thought all I need is there, but with my Version 22 from 2023 it did not worked. So Search again for the Code of the Color #282828 in all Files and I found it in client.js

For me it is located in C:\inetpub\wwwroot\*WebInstance*\wwwroot\js\ .

now search for the color code #282828

Or you simply jump to location :31,237480


and change it to your wishes


This works for me in On-Premise BC V22

PS: this is a general fix that means all companies within the system will have this color.

No I search for changing the MenuBar per Company.

have a nice day and CYA

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